About Caterwen Press

Caterwen is a private literary press I revived in 2021 with the aim of producing a variety of exercises in both content and medium.

The press was originally created by my father Arfon Rees in 2001. Through it he published his book Welsh Outlaws and Bandits: Political Rebellion and Lawlessness in Wales, 1440-1603, as a well as an additional supplement to the book in 2016. “Caterwen” is an archaic Welsh word for “great oak,” but it was also used to refer to a nobleman or the mistress of a house. It recurs in its various meanings across several poems written by the fifteenth-century Welsh bard Guto’r Glyn, on whom my father published a biography in 2008.

Arfon Rees died in 2019, before I could ask him why he’d settled on that particular name for his private press. I see this project as a way of carrying on something he began, while also pushing myself to explore new creative directions.

All works created by Caterwen Press are available to read online.